AI seems to be everywhere, but as a B2B marketing leader, how do you apply AI to your business? How do you benefit from the efficiencies it can deliver without risking quality of your content or the reputation of your brand? Where does human value come in, and how do you harness it? We hosted an in depth panel discussion to answer these questions and more. Bringing together experts across AI, B2B Marketing and Creative to discuss how AI can help dial up your marketing productivity, creativity, and performance. 

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This wrap-up cover the key discussion topics and includes extra content to give B2B marketing leaders a full view of the AI landscape:

  • The state of AI in a B2B context and what it means for the future of marketing
  • The role an AI strategy plays - from your approach to your prompts
  • The balance between efficiency and effectiveness, especially in complex sectors and with hard-to-reach audiences
  • The importance of EQ and maintaining a human element through creative
  • Managing risk, your IP and your reputation