B2B Marketing, done smarter


With the explosion of digital channels, content, data and specialist teams, marketing in the B2B landscape is becoming increasingly complex. As silos form, insights are lost and managing the full customer journey is becoming more difficult. 

To help get you on the path of alignment, we’ve put together key tips, advice and tried and tested templates and frameworks we use to build the foundations of solid B2B Marketing Strategy.

What's included in your eBook?

  • Advice for moving beyond the frenetic cycle of quarterly targets
  • Difference between ICPs, buyer personas and why they matter
  • Tips on bringing strategic thinking into all the tactical execution  
  • Exercising flexibility and autonomy across your region whilst managing HQ expectations  
  • Breaking down the siloes within marketing and across the organisation to create strong CX 
  • Downloadable templates and frameworks
  • And much more...